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Valve Exerciser Control Panel
Hydraulic Valve Exercising

To make sure valves are in good working order they need to be "exercised" periodically. Let FPS exercise your valves and keep them in good working order. FPS valve exercising services will help eliminate costly repairs in the future. Using the Spin Doctor'sŪ turn-key operation FPS can make sure that valves will operate in the event of an emergency.

The Spin Doctor'sŪ can be used on many types of underground water main and sewer main valves as well as Hydrant valves. Spin Doctor'sŪ can be used even in the most difficult terrain.

FPS also has the capabilities to lubricate valves with a valve lubricating wrench using Rust Reaper Multi-Purpose, Penetrating Lubricant.

Serving Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland since 1988

Fluid Pinpointing Services - Leak Detection, Utility Locating, Valve Exercising